Class Blastr::UsageError
In: lib/blastr.rb
Parent: ArgumentError
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USAGE_TEXT = <<EOS Usage: blastr URL [revision] The options are as follows: URL (required) The URL identifying the source repository you want to observe. For Subversion repositories the URL could be, for example, "" or "svn://". For a Git repository, the URL usually looks like "git://". revision (optional) The revision or commit you want to start observing from. For a Subversion repository, this would be a number (e.g. 123 or 5000). For Git, the revision would be the commit SHA hash - something that looks like "4d1863552c03bc1ff9c9376b9a24b04daabc67e2". When this option is omitted, Blastr starts observing from the latest revision onwards. EOS

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